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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Oct 2, 2018

Lawyers are charged with upholding the law and abiding by the ethics rules while we’re practicing as well as when “off the clock.” The ethics rules govern lawyer conduct anywhere and any time. So what conduct, behavior, and activities outside of the practice of law could potentially get you in trouble and affect your bar license? That’s what I delve into in this episode.

What I Discuss In this Episode:

  • What is one of the most significant activities you can engage in outside the law that will almost guarantee disbarment?
  • Is it just conduct that is criminal in nature that will affect your license?
  • What does ABA Model Rule 8.4 state and how does it apply in this scenario?
  • Are you still considered a “lawyer” when you’re engaging in behavior outside of work hours and on your personal time?
  • Keep in mind: a person who has been wronged can always file a bar complaint against a lawyer, either along with or in lieu of a civil complaint
  • The importance of showing integrity and honesty at all times, not just when practicing law

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