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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Sep 22, 2020

We know the profession has a mental health crisis.  We have serious concerns about bars asking applicants about their mental health. But do we really understand the position these questions can put an applicant in?  

In this episode, Megan discusses and (in a first on this show) reads out loud the US District Court for...

Sep 8, 2020

A large number of ethics complaints begin with lawyers taking on more work than they can handle, leading them to miss deadlines, fail to be responsive to clients, and otherwise drop the ball.  A booming business seems like a good thing, but too much of a good thing can cause severe problems.  In this episode,...

Sep 1, 2020

A niche, or narrow, law practice might sound risky, but it's actually a fantastic way to build a rewarding practice.  Lyndosha Jamison has created a niche for herself that is exciting professionally and financially successful.  Join Megan as she interviews Lyndosha to learn how. 

Lyndosha Jamison and Megan presented at...