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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Oct 30, 2018

They say your “network is your net worth.” This is especially true in the legal profession. Surrounding yourself with the right people and building your network can prove to be crucial to your success and career longevity. It’s important, then, for lawyers to get outside of their offices and meet others. But what’s the best way to approach network building? I share my insight on how and why it’s important to meet new colleagues and surround yourself with the right people.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why it’s important to know your “competition”
  • Can networking help you meet other lawyers who can act as your “backup attorneys”?
  • Find people you can brainstorm and mastermind with about your business
  • Can you face a malpractice claim if you don’t competently handle a client matter? How can expanding your network help with this?
  • Where should you get started with building your network?
  • Bar associations, volunteer work, and conferences are great places to begin
  • How to set the social awkwardness aside
  • How to use online platforms like social media and forums to grow your network

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