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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Feb 19, 2019

On Today’s episode, we will discuss representing yourself, and how it can be the only feasible option for some lawyers. Our host Megan does not think self-representation is such a terrible idea. Tune in today and hear why it can be a good idea to represent yourself.


Show Highlights:

  • Everyone’s experience representing themselves is different
  • The balance between personal life and work
  • Why it is not always such a terrible idea to represent yourself
  • Things you still need to do when you are representing yourself
  • Your own case needs to be treated with the importance that it deserves
  • If you get to a point when you are defending yourself and you feel you are out of your area, always call in help and get what you need
  • You learn a lot about yourself, strengths and weaknesses
  • Attorney discipline and the criteria that is important to represent yourself
  • Attorney’s capabilities and how they help you or not
  • You need to be rational, responsible and realistic when evaluating the entire case
  • When you cannot represent yourself 


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