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Lawyers Gone Ethical

May 21, 2019

Being a lawyer is a complex and strenuous profession and throwing forensics into the equation creates an entirely new concept to master. Lawyer-Scientist is a new title and only 69 people in the US currently hold that designation, and Lisa Gonzalez is one of them.

Lisa specifically has a focus on forensics within the practice of criminal law and is a member of the American Chemical Association. Lisa has incorporated her specialized knowledge of science into her law practice. In this episode, she shares her outlook on the procedures being used to integrate science and law and how she believes other lawyers can raise the bar by advocating for the profession. For more about what the Lawyer-Scientist profession entails tune into this episode of Lawyers Gone Ethical.  


Show Highlights: 

  • What led Lisa to become a Lawyer-Scientist 
  • Specific classes necessary to become a Lawyer-Scientist 
  • Different techniques and skills that Lawyer-Scientists study 
  • How practicing criminal defense has impacted Lisa’s approach to her current position 
  • Creating protocols and procedures to verify processes and procedures
  • Learning how to decipher legitimate evidence and asking the right questions about it.
  • Setting standards within Lawyer Science 
  • The issues with meshing criminal justice and science
  • Identifying whether a case is standard or requires additional science applications

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