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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Nov 13, 2018

For many lawyers, making the decision to take on a new client doesn’t require much thought. After all, all paying clients are great clients, right? Not necessarily.

There are a number of reasons why you should want to be selective when weeding through leads and potential new clients. In this episode, I share stories and insight on how to spot trouble clients from a mile away and what to do to best protect yourself against possible future bar complaints. 

What I Cover in This Episode:

  • No client is ever worth committing an ethical violation over 
  • How to handle a client who refuses to follow your advice
  • How to best manage client expectations in order to avoid future confusion
  • If a client doesn’t return your calls or respond to your emails, that’s not a good sign
  • Importance of setting your priorities and rejecting work if you’re too busy already
  • Who is the best type of client to fire?
  • Set your criteria as to the questions you’re going to ask to determine if a potential client is one you want to represent
  • What signs should you look for when you and the client are discussing fees prior to engagement?
  • How should you go about substituting yourself out of representing a client? When should you do it?
  • Why you must withdraw from representation if you find your client’s case is frivolous
  • If you discover your client has no cause of action(s), what should you do to ensure the statute of limitations doesn’t prohibit the client from seeking representation elsewhere?
  • What should your disengagement letter include?


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