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Lawyers Gone Ethical

May 14, 2019

Being on probation with the State Bar can be more complex and significant than you might anticipate. When you are on probation, even the most unintentional or seemingly trivial mistake can lead to monumental consequences. 

In today’s episode, Ethics Attorney, Megan Zavieh shares exactly what you need to know to make it through the probation process in a clean and efficient manner, so that you can restore your standing without further repercussions. While the California Bar is the example the information provided in this podcast, the principles are applicable in every state. This episode can be used as a guide to help you resolve disciplinary probation successfully.

Show Highlights: 

  • Understanding why it’s unethical to ask a client not to file a Bar complaint 
  • How to resolve the issues that could result in a complaint being filed
  • What the probation process involves and how to prepare for it 
  • Understanding the trivialities and expectations of your probation 
  • Making a list to fulfill the requirements of your probation 
  • The repercussions of failing to fulfill your probation obligations
  • Anticipating potential pitfalls of Bar probation

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