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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Oct 16, 2018

Just like with obstacle course races, lawyers’ careers are long, tough, and full of unforeseen obstacles. In this replay of my recent keynote presentation for CEB’s The Basics conference in California, I share lessons learned on the race course that lawyers can apply to their own lives and careers.  

What I Cover in This Keynote:

  • How I transitioned from BigLaw to solo practice because of a shift in my perspective and priorities
  • Why lawyers let fear (specifically the fear of violating the ethics rules) stop them from pursuing their dreams
  • You know a lot more than you realize so always fall back on your knowledge when you’re afraid
  • There are always alternatives to reaching your goal; don’t get caught up in obstacles
  • The importance of being ethical even when people aren’t looking
  • You can’t go though your legal career alone, just like with running a race course
  • Get used to being uncomfortable when asking others for help
  • The legal profession doesn’t have to be a nasty place; kindness can go a long way
  • When you’re fatigued with your cases, take a break
  • Age is not an obstacle so being “too young” or “too old” to learn something new should never be an excuse
  • It is so important to find your tribe!

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