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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Nov 20, 2018

Following our presentation at Clio Conference, my co-presenter, Jess Birken, and I sat down to reflect on our discussion of our presentation topic  - growing your practice through digital information products. Whether it’s for additional income or to increase access to justice, there are many reasons to consider creating digital products. We discuss what lawyers should be aware of before they embark on the journey of creating their own products.

Jess Birken is the owner of Birken Law and she helps non-profits with their legal matters.  

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • What are digital information products and how are lawyers using them in their practices?
  • Jess's digital product and how it’s helping her clients
  • How is Jess monetizing her online course?
  • My California specific digital product
  • How narrow or broad can your digital product be?
  • What ethical implications are involved in creating digital products?
  • The importance of understanding where customers are in their journey
  • How much time and work goes into creating a product?
  • What is mindmapping and how can it help distill big ideas into smaller parts?
  • Keep your approach to your product small. Don’t try to do too much from the get-go. Iterate as you go

Contact Information:

Twitter and Instagram: @jessbirken

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