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Lawyers Gone Ethical

Sep 25, 2018

No one wants to think about it but there might come a time in your legal career where you have to deliver bad news to your client – whether it’s due to a lawyer error or otherwise. How can you deliver this news to your client swiftly and ethically?

Joining me is Kathleen Havener, a lawyer at The Cullen Law Firm in Washington DC. Kathleen’s practice focuses on complex commercial litigation. In this episode, Kathleen shares her insight on a lawyer’s responsibility when it comes to informing the client about the legal process and delivering unfavorable news, if any should arise. 

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • How to prepare your clients when judges fail
  • How to tell your clients when you have failed
  • Is the fear of failing keeping you from being honest with your clients?
  • What can more experienced lawyers do to prepare younger lawyers for failure?
  • What are the different ways something can go wrong in the legal process?
  • What are some considerations to keep in mind when you know you have bad news to tell your client?
  • How can you explain to your clients the legal process and what effect does that have on clients making better choices?
  • What is the “Nora” Rule?
  • How you can prepare your clients for alternative outcomes should they arise?
  • Learn to take your clients “as they are” when it comes to their understanding of the law but still explain the legal process to them
  • Never delay or hide bad news from your client

Resources Mentioned:

Kathleen's ABA article on How to Deliver Bad News to Your Client

Other articles written by Kathleen worth exploring

Contact Information:

Kathleen email: 

Phone number: (202) 298-4775

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